vs2005 and out_value policy compile issues

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vs2005 and out_value policy compile issues

jcfly lv
I am using vs2005 , boost 1.4.3 and luabind 0.9. All the tests in luabind compiles successfully. However, if I change the line 121 of test\test_policies.cpp
.def("member_out_val", &policies_test_class::member_out_val, pure_out_value(_3))
.def("member_out_val", &policies_test_class::member_out_val, out_value(_3))
the compilation will fail with the following errors:

>m:\res\libs\luabind-0.9\luabind\out_value_policy.hpp(105) : error C2352: “luabind::native_converter_base<T>::match”:  illegal call of non-static member function

I have also made some other tests and get the same result.

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