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'tolua' bug report


I've been testing and trying to get 'toLua v2.0' to work, but with no
success.  I'm using version 3.0 of the Macintosh Interpreter from Claudio
Terra.  I've repeatedly crashed with a hard restart, so I don't have much
information to help you.  Here's what I've been trying to do in some detail:

>From the Interpreter's console window I've typed the following:


Below is the "cleaned header file "test_1.pkg" (obviously very basic):

#ifndef TESTER
#define TESTER    1

void beep(short i);


During one of my attempts, I got the following:

lua: unexpected type for concatenation
Active Stack:
    function whatIs at line 93 [in file cparser.lua]
    function parseChunk at line 392 [in file cparser.lua]
    main of tolua.lua at line 913
    function dofile [in file (C)]
    main of (dostring) >> dofile("tolua.lua")

If I can be of any assistance please feel free to email.


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User interface management systems

Francis Burton-2
I am keen to develop a flexible program framework which allows user 
interface objects and application code to be combined using Lua as 
both the "glue" and a scripting language. A few years ago, before I
had heard of Lua, I constructed something similar in C with a home-grown
and much inferior compiled scripting language. Dynamic extensibility
of the user interface was extremely limited.

A couple of papers describe similar software:

"IUP/LED: A Portable User Interface Development Tool" by Levy, 
de Figueiredo, Gattass, Lucena and Cowan in Software: Practice
and Experience (1996) 26: 737-762.

"Lua-an extensible extension language" by Ierusalimschy, de Figueiredo
and Filho. MCC 12/95-Departmento de Informatica-PUC-Rio. (obtained
from http://csg.uwaterloo.ca/~lhf/lua/home.html, but also published
in Software: Practice and Experience) which mentions EDG "a system 
for supporting the development of data entry programs".

What is the status of IUP/LED and EDG these days? Various interesting 
developments were mentioned in the first paper above. How should I
go about the task of developing my "framework"? Is there an obvious
"natural" design? My head is full of ideas - the reflexivity of Lua 
is quite dizzying sometimes! - but I would appreciate a little
guidance to avoid revisiting all the cul-de-sacs.

Best wishes,

Dr Francis L Burton,          |  [hidden email]
West Medical Building,        |
University of Glasgow,        |  Tel +44-141-330-6598
Glasgow, G12 8QQ, Scotland.   |  Fax +44-141-330-4612

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Re: 'tolua' bug report

In reply to this post by DASWorks
Hi Waldemar:

In a message dated 10/15/97 2:48:13 PM, you wrote:

>but for sure the error message should report what is wrong.
>I will fix this message. thanks for your feedback.

Thanks *very* much for your reply.  The crashing problem has also, been
addressed.  (My mistake.)  I'm still a newbie concerning 'Lua'; still working
my way through the learning curve.  Once I've gotten 'ToLua' going, I'll be
able to report any further bugs/issues to you.

Thanks again for the reply.

David A. Smith