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Comment about IEEE floating-point rounding... (was: Setting Float Precision in Lua.c) 5 replies Lua-l
Terminal widths, and coding style... My 0.00000002c worth (was 0.02c, share market just "corrected" my net value)... 1 reply Lua-l
strict.lua... more information 1 reply Lua-l
Clamping down on unwanted using "strict"... or others? 5 replies Lua-l
Fun with punched cards... and other recollections... 0 replies Lua-l
"... and source code control..." 1 reply Lua-l
Tab versus space indentation, and source code control systems... (was: Re: Style guide?) 34 replies Lua-l
Shifts/Rotates: (cobweb-ridded) terminology clarification 1 reply Lua-l
Brief addition: Kahan and APL's 0/0 = 1 0 replies Lua-l
Re: Beginner programming in South Australia 0 replies Lua-l
Re: Threaded vm core loop 0 replies Lua-l
Re Atari BASIC versis Python versus Lua in 1982... 12 replies Lua-l
Re: C-isms: \0 bytes & Lua's stdlib 0 replies Lua-l
Re: Parsing strings written by string.format("%q") 0 replies Lua-l
More research on LuaRocks... fragmented... 1 reply Lua-l
Luarocks: 1. Version freshness; 2. Strict.lua versus strictness? 3 replies Lua-l
Re: C/C++ lua_stackdump lib - feedback welcome 1 reply Lua-l
Re: Documentation, Literate Programming and the Real World 0 replies Lua-l
Documentation, Literate Programming and the Real World 3 replies Lua-l
Lua C standard, especially C90 versus C99... 4 replies Lua-l