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Marcio: Thank you for B7! 0 replies Plua
Re: Bluetooth communication with Plua 2 and beta seven 1 reply Plua
Re: question 1 reply Plua
Re: Differences between plua 1.0 and 2.0 0 replies Plua
Re: Re: Development Questions for Marcio 1 reply Plua
Development Questions for Marcio 5 replies Plua
Re: bug? print() does nothing after gui.destroy() 0 replies Plua
Does/should gui.field wrap text? 0 replies Plua
bug? print() does nothing after gui.destroy() 1 reply Plua
Setting default Doc editor? 1 reply Plua
What all does gui.destroy() (un)do? 1 reply Plua
Re: High(er) precision timing? 0 replies Plua
High(er) precision timing? 2 replies Plua
Re: patching functions, screen.rect width 0 replies Plua
patching functions, screen.rect width 2 replies Plua
Plural "Couldn't create prc file. Is folder read only?" 1 reply Plua
Re: Re: gaps in screen.circle 0 replies Plua
gaps in screen.circle 2 replies Plua
Re: Are buffer masking modes broken? 0 replies Plua
Are buffer masking modes broken? 2 replies Plua