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Re: [ANN] Working with UTF-8 filenames on Windows in pure Lua 0 replies Lua-l
Re: random() in lua 0 replies Lua-l
Re: Suggestion: handle utf-8 filename in windows 0 replies Lua-l
Re: Make "package.loaded" weak 0 replies Lua-l
Re: Suggestion for new pattern item like %bxy 0 replies Lua-l
Re: Can't find the fault in my code 1 reply Lua-l
Re: [ANN] Lua 5.3.4 (rc2) now available, 1 reply Lua-l
Re: Parsing strings written by string.format("%q") 2 replies Lua-l
Re: Crossposting the mailing list to Imzy 1 reply Lua-l
Re: Reading a conf file 1 reply Lua-l
Re: Reading a conf file 1 reply Lua-l
Re: Running Lua from within a Window Program 1 reply Lua-l
Re: [SUGGESTION] Some lfs functionality in os library, please! 16 replies Lua-l
Re: Lua in a threaded enviroment 3 replies Lua-l
Re: What would be a good representation of XML tree as Lua tables? 0 replies Lua-l
Re: Coercion: which do we want in the next version? 0 replies Lua-l
Re: Command Line Parsing? 0 replies Lua-l
Re: Two types of Lua programmer, or two types of Lua code? 1 reply Lua-l
Re: Question about metamethods 1 reply Lua-l
Re: block-scope finalization 1 reply Lua-l
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