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Joshua Boyce-2
Hello, I am currently using Luabind (the latest version from the 0.9 GIT branch) under MSVC 10 and am having a problem binding APIs which use smart pointers.

I have a bunch of APIs like so (psuedocode):
std::shared_ptr<Foo> GetFoo();

When I bind these however I get a 'trying to use unregistered class' error. If I change 'std::shared_ptr' to 'boost::shared_ptr' or 'std::auto_ptr' it works, however std::shared_ptr refuses to. Even though I have provided the necessary get_pointer overload(s):

namespace luabind { template <typename T> T* get_pointer(std::shared_ptr<T> const& p) { return p.get(); }

Some help getting this working would be greatly appreciated as the library I'm trying to bind uses std::shared_ptr everywhere and I don't have the luxury of being able to change that to use boost::shared_ptr as it would break too much existing code.

Thanks in advance.

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