object_rep::add_dependency() assertion

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object_rep::add_dependency() assertion

Szymon Gatner

I am getting assertion error in void object_rep.cpp line 48:

  assert(m_dependency_cnt < sizeof(object_rep));

I am never explicitly using dependency_policy but it is being used when
wrap_base / deriving comes int play. To make things work again I commented
out whole object_rep::add_dependency() method and things seem to work ok.

Question is: what is the purpose of this method and why this assertion
must hold? What are the consequences of me commenting this code out?

I am sorry but I am unable to provide minimal example of my use case. But
in a nutshell: assertion fails after bunch of calls to boost::signal that keep
luabind::object instances which are representations of methods of classes
defined in Lua (which are derived from classes defined in C++ that are wrapped
with wrap_base). In a nutshell ;)

Any suggestion appreciated.


Szymon Gatner
The Lordz Games Studio

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