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Re: lua source as config file

Petite Abeille

On Feb 08, 2007, at 23:46, Doug Rogers wrote:

PA wrote:
function config( aPath )
        local aChunck = setfenv( loadfile( aPath ), {} )
        return getfenv( aChunck, aChunck() )

I like this. The only drawback is that in operational code you will have
to catch any errors raised by loadfile(). It also makes config()
unusable after such an error...

Hmmm... yes... very unfortunate... but as Roberto mentioned somewhere else in this thread... a well placed assert should prevent such a disaster:

function config( aPath )
        local aChunk = setfenv( assert( loadfile( aPath ) ), {} )

        return getfenv( aChunk, aChunk() )