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speake sofly17
Position Type  Full time position
    Work Experience
      · Software Engineer (Must have 1 years experience)
    · Manager of Software Engineering (Nice to have 1-3 years experience)
    Skill Requirements
      · UNIX  · OOP
    · Embedded Systems  · C
    · C++
    - Experience in programming with basic operating system concepts
    including: process management, memory management, threads,
    libraries, security protocols, filesystems, and logical volume manager.

    - Software test skills, especially at the System Test Level.

    - C programming/debugging skills.

    Job Description
    Lead technical aspects of development of embedded, real-time, safety
    critical software for  actuation systems
    - The scope of this project is to (1) test new hardware and software
    line items in a N release and (2) test new systems on


    more information :
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