default_converter and luabind assignment

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default_converter and luabind assignment



I want to add support to a user type in luabind, so that I can assign c++ variables of the type to lua variables like so:


struct UserType{..};


//and then do


UserType u;

luabind::globals(L)[“UserTypeList”][“a”] = u; //equivalent to saying UserTypeList.a = u  in Lua.



I registered the class type via luabind::class_ and specialized the default_converter for the type :


module(L)[ class_< UserType>(“_ UserType”)];


namespace luabind{


struct  default_converter< UserType> : native_converter_base< UserType> {

     //define compute_score, to and from functions.





But when I actually do the assignment, the converter code doesn’t get called. I’m expecting the ‘to’ function in the converter to get called, since I’m assigning a custom  type to a lua object, which doesn’t happen.

Is this the correct way to do this. Please let me know if you find any issues with this setup.


Thanks arun.

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