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Zulfiqar Malik-2

Hi Everybody,


The second beta of VSLua has been released. You can visit the official page at:




Major changes in this release are:


- Support for tables, nested tables etc. Tables now behave like normal variables and can be viewed in the watch window (values can also be modified just like normal variables). Dynamic update to tables is reflected in the watch window.

- Support for custom Lua dlls. This was a much wanted feature, so please consult the documentation for more information.

- .lua files are now registered at installation time (in addition to .vsl extension). So the user does not need to manually register .lua extension. They work ‘out of the box’.

- New calls added to the VSLua_Debugger.h header file:

- Init_VSLuaDebugger( … ) – Initialize the debugger from the dlls provided in Tools -> Options -> VSLua -> Compiler dialog box. This was previously the InitDebugger( … ) call. Its name has been changed to get rid of any conflicts with existing code.

            - Init_VSLuaDebugger_FromFile( … ) – Initialize the debugger and manually provide a path to the dlls.

            - Init_VSLuaDebugger_FromModule( … ) – Initialize the debugger via handles to dlls that were pre-loaded by the application at some instance.

- The documentation has been updated to reflect these changes.

- An all new directory structure. Previous VSLua users are advised to uninstall the previous release and then DELETE the remaining folders/files in the installation directory, before installing the new version.

- A lot of bug fixes, thanks to the community for testing and reporting the bugs. The first 25 people who reported valuable feedback have been identified and they will receive their Standard versions as soon as the product is fully released.


Coming soon:


- VS2005 (VC8.0) support coming in the next build (possible the final release).

- Standalone debugger support (tentative).

- More bug fixes.


We, apologize that we only had time to resolve the top priority issues during this build. We are, however, committed to resolving every known issue before the final release of the product. We highly appreciate any sort of feedback.

Feedback link is provided on the main VSLua page. Once again, I urge you to go through the updated documentation before trying out the new build.




Zulfiqar Inayat Malik.

Senior Software Engineer,

Trango Interactive.