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Zulfiqar Malik-2

Hello Everybody,


A bug in the earlier VSLua® build prevented it from running properly on some machines. The bug has been fixed and the buggy file replaced with the newer one. We highly regret the inconvenience caused, and urge interested people to revisit the link. We also thank the people who reported the bugs and/or gave us valuable feedback, which led to the solution of the problem. We are looking forward to the community, for providing us valuable feedback which will enable us to make VSLua® a better and more stable product for everybody’s assistance.

To install the newer version, please remove the older one using “Add/Remove Programs” and then install the new version. For your assistance I am re-sending the older mail announcing the release of VSLua®, below. Once again, the inconvenience is highly regretted.


-----------------------------Original Announcement-----------------------------


Hello Everybody,


Trango Interactive® announces the release of beta version of VSLua, a Visual Studio integrated development and debugging environment for Lua® scripting language.  Available as a Visual Studio addin, VSLua leverages the powerful Visual Studio features to provide the only practical debugging solution for Lua.  Some of the salient features of VSLua are:


-          Full featured Visual Studio® integrated code editor with Lua syntax hi-lighting and intellisense®.

-          Full featured Visual Studio® integrated debugger with step in, step out, move to cursor and other common debugger commands.

-          Variable watching via a VSLua® watch window is also supported.

-          Call stack window for call stack information, even with nested scripts.


More information on features of VSLua (including the brochure) and the public beta download is available at:



First 25 people to give valuable feedback will get a free standard version.


The addin works for Visual Studio® 2002, and 2003 (7.0 and 7.1 respectively). If both are installed then it will register for both.


The site is under construction and full details of everything including online documentation; licensing etc will soon be made available.


We recommend that everybody who want to try it out should read the user manual first (from the Visual Studio® window VSLua -> Help).


Thanks and best regards,

Zulfiqar Malik

Trango Interactive