Trouble splitting class registration

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Trouble splitting class registration

"Голубев С.В."
Hi, Arvid. I have some trouble when using splitted class registration,
as described in the documentation. luabind crashes with "segmentation
fault" or "invalid opcode" exceptions when i bind one of my classes to
lua. If i am binding this class without binding any method or
properties, it will work ok, but when i bind any method or property of
this class, my code crashes.

Binding code of all classes looks like this:

static luabind::scope classname::bind(void) {
    using namespace luabind;
    return class_<classname>("classname")
             methods and properties declaration

Binder procedure:

void bind_all(lua_State *pState) {
    module(pState) [

If i place all binding code into single compilation unit, it works ok,
but compiling requires mooooooore time ))
Program crashes in call of last_class::bind(). If i comment this line,
it will work

I am using luabind 7 beta.

Thanks for your help.

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