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Software in Plua: Word Remembering

Zhang Enwei
Hi everybody,

I've finished a skeleton of an applied program: word remembering. I hope it to be a useful tool to help me with word remembering, in my Japanese learning.

Now It contains basic Add/Mod/Del/View functions.

And I plan to add Search/Filter/Quiz functions to it.

I'v uploaded the release, include the source code and the executable.

If you'd like to build release yourself, you must have such softwares installed:
1. MinGW. To get a gcc to read the make file.
2. Pluac for windows. To obtain the .prc file
3. a unix-like "cat" command, or DOS's "type" might also work.

In a word, the softwares mentioned in the Makefile.

You can also edit the wordlib.txt, it is composed by 1 or more lines like:
word-pronunciation-part of speech-acceptation

without blank line.
After you edited, tdb.exe will help you generate a .pdb file which can be used by wordmem.prc.

tdb.exe and wordmem.prc can be obtained by "make -f Makefile".

Ok. That's all, please enjoy it.

Any opinion will be highly appreciated.wordmem_src_single_prc.zipwordmem_rel.tar