Review - FreeBSD Ports for Lua5.4 (beta), LuaRocks 3.2.1

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Review - FreeBSD Ports for Lua5.4 (beta), LuaRocks 3.2.1

Russell Haley

I have created reviews at that would add Lua 5.4 to the ports tree, as well as a LuaRocks update to 3.2.1.

Other changes:
- There is a patch request to use FreeBSD Arc4Random(3) for the randomseed function in Lua. I have added that as an option for the port. See Bug I have no idea how to verify this patch so any advice is welcome.
- LuaRocks has been "stuck" using Lua 5.2 (the default version on FreeBSD. grrr.). The new LuaRocks update takes advantage of a separate patch to streamline installations against all versions of Lua, though the implementation details are still fluid.

Once again, my unceasing thanks to Andrew Gierth for his sage advice and patch. Also a big thank you to Hisham for fixing a bug related to FreeBSD unzip(1).

Mk/Uses/ patch for Flavors -

All comments welcome, preferably in the reviews.