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Re: luaSocket porting to lua4.1-work3

Diego Nehab-3

On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, YonghiChoi wrote:
> I decided to be early adaptor of lua4.1 after using it's thread support.
> But your luaSocket does not work with lua 4.1 work3. Do you have any plan to
> port it?

Sure! I  am already  porting it.  However, I  am adding  some reasonable
amount of  new functionality and rewriting  a lot of the  C code. That's
why I don't see it being released in  at least a month. I will provide a
snapshot as soon as I get the code running and stable.


PS: modifying the official distribution to run with lua-4.1-work3 should
be easy if anyone decides to try it.