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Your C program is linked to Lua (as a library), then it 
reads a configuration file using lua_open(), lua_load() 
or luaL_load...(), lua_pcall() and lua_close(). Before 
closing Lua, you can read Lua variables to set your 
options. Or you may prefer to lua_register() (just after 
lua_open) some C functions to be called by Lua, this way 
the options are set during the execution of your script.

Now that you have the outline, you'll understand the 
documentation better.

> hi all...
>    lua calls the C and C++ functions side of the applic
ation to apply the new configuration right? is it possibl
e that the original program / application does not have C
 and C++ functions in it? if it is, what does lua do abou
t these cases?
>    and im sorry, not that im pushing my luck, but are s
teps or something similar that lua follows to call out C 
and C++ functions to apply the new configurations?
>    last one, if you are making a totally new program / 
application using lua, how does luac compile the whole th
ing? i mean, is it still a given that C and C++ functions
 are present and can automatically be called out and thus
 making the new application work (assuming no errors were
>    thanks...
> =)

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