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Using PLUA2RT instead of PLUA2 did not resolve the issue.  I did however find a work-around for the issue of button events no longer firing.  I was using the label() function to draw text on the screen.  I did this many times.  Apparently doing this is what triggers the buttons to stop firing.  I converted my approach from many label() calls to instead be a single label() call, a screen capture at the location of the label, and then multiple pastes.  This approach seemed to resolve the problem.  I suspect that having too many controls is the basic problem, though that is just a guess.

Thanks for your help.

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> 1.) Since I am compiling close to the memory limit, I wonder about
> the memory available to the app during run time. Am I correct that
> the code and variables sit in different memory spaces?

When inside a PRC, compiled Plua code must fit in 64KB. When the app
is loaded by the runtime, everything (code and variables) is loaded in
the PalmOS dynamic heap. The size of this heap varies between models.

> 2.) I am experiencing a problem with event triggers (especially
> buttons). They work for a while and then suddenly seem to stop
> firing events. I converted one whole dialog filled with buttons to
> hyper-areas (pen events) to try and avoid the problem, but it is
> still occuring on other dialogs with only a few buttons. Will this
> happen after I successfully compile too? In other words, is this a
> problem only with the interpretive (style) PLUA2 environment, or both
> that and the compiled PLUA2RT environment?

I do not know. I have not seen this problem before.



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