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Renato Cerqueira
At 11:55 PM 4/8/99 -0300, you wrote:
>Has anybody worked on a COM-enabled Lua? Like it or not, COM may be
>pretty useful on the Windows platform.
>Gang Wang

We are working on a binding between Lua and COM, called LuaCom.
The client side of LuaCom is working,
although without a complete mapping between Lua types and COM types,
and its server side (COM objects implemented in Lua) is very incipient.
LuaCom only supports automation objects.
If anyone is interested, I can provide the current version of LuaCom.
Suggestions and contributions would be appreciated! :-)


Renato Fontoura de Gusmao Cerqueira
PhD Student
Departamento de Informatica - PUC-Rio - Brazil
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