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[Proposal] Fork Lua

Soni L.
I like to believe free software is no good if ppl don't fork it.

I myself have many forks of various things:

- Cratera, a fork of Lua: https://bitbucket.org/TeamSoni/cratera 
(already released!)
- TorxChat, a fork of HexChat: https://github.com/SoniEx2/torxchat (no
releases planned for now, there's a lot to do before a release)
- uh I'm pretty sure there's also another thing I forked recently but I
can't remember what it was. I'm probably gonna start forking IRC servers
soon tho.

Anyway, the point is, FORK THINGS!

As someone once said in the context of forking Mastodon/Pleroma[1]:

 > please fork things. fork everything. add bigger emoji, stop stripping
EXIF, rewrite it in Rust, parse EXIF, add EXIF to emoji, add a column
that displays image alt text so mobile users can read it. just fork.
make that many forks.
 > fork pleroma, mastodon, lua, rust, firefox, hexchat, etc, just fork
all the things!
 > lua has many forks, mastodon has a few, pleroma has fewer, firefox
has fewer still, hexchat has even less, and rust has basically none.

So, really, just fork! MAKE FORKS! fork **everything**! it's awesome! :D

You dislike something, or wish you had something else? Just fork it! :D

Forking is full of joy and happiness!

[1] https://cybre.space/@SoniEx2/100316746390834437 (yes ofc I'm the one
who said it)