Proportions of text on buttons and some other things

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Proportions of text on buttons and some other things

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I've been working on an app that so far is very complex and long (and
still counting), and now i have the following:

1. A file weigthing 70kb. When i try to run it it runs fine, but if i
try to compile it i get a error 8 code 516 error. I'm assuming the
limitation is for the file size. If i run pmem i get 1021 used out of
near 5000 when running with main form only (A function constructs
certain form, another that handles it, breaking and calling). So: do i
have a limitation with the no. of functions (and there are A LOT), i'm
running out of memory, or it's the doc size? I'm on a Zire 72.

2. i've implemented a "cursor" for my app, a square that draws around
a button and "moves" using the keys. I now use fontsmoother and have
several fonts compilated, but the cursor keeps fixed. At the sides,
and top&botton of a drawn button, how many pixels there are? I have
guessed (fnt_width*strlen)+fnt_width*2, but it doesn't work with all
the fonts. Since i could fix the size of a textfield regardless of the
heigth/width, and change at will the font without altering the spacing
so much, i can't get the size of the cursor to get rigth, and my app
is far so heavy for fixing it (e.g. at 62*25 pix at certain button,
80*28 bold, and every size different from each other). Any ideas?

3. My app is an organyser (it does laundry, writes poems, haves
karaoke funtions and etc. hahaha) and i want it to set OS alarms, the
ones you can set in the next 24 hours with the clock app, not the
calendar ones. How can i set them? (I used to have those things, i
almost swear this is something in saved preferences, but if anyone
haves all this documentation, along with tasks calendar DB format, and
sys prefs, i guess i'll be thankful if someone can upload the file for
me - only for some days, so i can download it.)

And many thanks in advance!