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Problem with adopt

Jens Weibler

I have some trouble with the adopt policy..
Without adopt(result) for parse the following lua script works:

   local c = Compiler()
   local plan = c:parse("select * from bestellung")

   local rc
   rc = c:validatePlan(plan)

With adopt I get:
No matching overload found, candidates:
ErrorCode validatePlan(Compiler&,AccessPlan*&)

But I have no idea why!?

My exports:

luabind::class_<Compiler, auto_ptr<Compiler> > ("Compiler")
                 //.def("parse", &Compiler::parse,
                 .def("parse", &Compiler::parse)
                 .def("validatePlan", &Compiler::validatePlan),

                 luabind::class_<AccessPlan> ("AccessPlan")


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