Possible bug in luabind::call_function when building with LUABIND_NO_ERROR_CHECKING

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Possible bug in luabind::call_function when building with LUABIND_NO_ERROR_CHECKING

Evan Odabashian
I'm compiling luabind-0.9 directly into my project with Visual Studio 2008. I was trying to setup my release configuration to use LUABIND_NO_ERROR_CHECKING for better performance and I seem to have run into a problem with luabind::call_function returning null return values when it wasn't with error checking enabled.

I think this code at line 140 of call_function.hpp is the problem:


                    if (converter.match(L, LUABIND_DECORATE_TYPE(Ret), -1) < 0)
                             // error reporting here
                    return converter.apply(L, LUABIND_DECORATE_TYPE(Ret), -1);

It looks like converter.match is what does all the actual work to retrieve and convert the return value, and that converter.apply is effectively just a static_cast to the specified type. When LUABIND_NO_ERROR_CHECKING is defined however the call to 'match' gets compiled out.

I would guess something the following would fix the problem:

int result = convert.match(...)

if (result < 0)
// error
return converter.apply(L, LUABIND_DECORATE_TYPE(Ret), -1);

Maybe I'm misinterpreting this code, but there's definitely a difference in the behavior of this function depending on if LUABIND_NO_ERROR_CHECKING is defined, so even if I'm wrong about the exact nature of the problem maybe this is enough for somebody else to spot the real problem.


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