Optional compilation flag to disable the property functionality?

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Optional compilation flag to disable the property functionality?

I have been using luabind for a few years, and cannot implement any
C++ binding without it.
Recently, I read about the discussions about the design difference
between OOLUA and luabind,
and realized that the nice "property" functionality comes at a cost of
having to wait twice as much for every member function/variable
(The reason is that __index function calls into C++ to support "properties".)
So I wonder if it would be possible to add optional compilation flag
to disable the property functionality of LUABIND and bypass the
luabind's custom implementation of __index function?

I also realized that this applies to luabind's class method too.
For example, member lookups of
class 'ASDF'
is twice as slow as the same class implemented using metatable.
I understand that in some cases, table look-ups can be avoided by
modifying, for example,

  for ...


  local f = x.f
  for ...

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