LuaEclipse dll problem

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LuaEclipse dll problem

hi guys,
i have a problem trying to use Luaeclipse in Eclipse to debug a Lua application.

My project makes use of lsf.dll (luaFileSystem) which dll is in the current project directory. The binary of my application is there as well.

When i execute my binary there is no problem.

However, when i execute it via LuaEclipse, i get an error:

"error loading module 'lfs' from file 'lfs.dll':
                                                L'assemblage référencé n'est pas installé sur votre système.

                                                (errno=14003-l'assemblage reference n'est pas installe sur votre systeme)"

sorry for the French error message. Basically, it says that the referenced assembly is not installed on my system. I don't know what i should do....I'm stuck!

anyone would have an idea ?

thank you very much in advance