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Lua users community in Spanish.

Jose Luis Hidalgo Valiño
Hi all,
   Just for testing, and in order to know if there is enough interest
in a SPANISH users community ( for those who speak Spanish, not only
people from Spain :) I've created a google group list thaw anybody can

The list can be found here:

I've also updated the page dedicated to lua in Spanish :  (other question is, what
page links to this one? I've founded it by searching in google, but
there is no easy way to get to it from the main wiki page... or seems

We can consider other free mailing list... any suggestion?
Does exist any other lua-[language] mailing list? Why don't we index
them all from a single page in the wiki dedicated to
LuaResourcesInOhterLanguages ?

Best Regards,
   Jose L.

 Jose L. Hidalgo Valiño (PpluX)
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