Lua on 8-bit AVR

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Lua on 8-bit AVR

Hi all,

Some time ago Laszlo Parrag ported Lua to Nut/OS, initially running on
an ARM7 CPU:

To demonstrate its capabilities, I squeezed it into an ATmega128, an
8-bit CPU with 128k Flash, using 32k external RAM. And, because there
was some room left, I added a TCP/IP stack and put the thing online.

You can visit this tiny node at

using a Telnet client.

Please do not rush out now to try it immediately. Due to limited
resources, only one concurrent connection is accepted. To avoid complete
blocking, you will be thrown out after 600 seconds.

The tricky part is the Telnet client. While the default Windows Telnet
seems to be broken (can't switch off echo), I'd recommend to use
TeraTerm on this platform.

The Lua shell will echo all input characters and send carriage return
plus linefeed. When using Linux, you must properly configure your Telnet

When loading the right keyboard translation (ibmkeyb with TeraTerm) you
can even use the history and edit functions with your input.

Finally note, that I had to disable almost all libraries to make room
for the TCP/IP stack.

The target board is an Ethernut 1.3 Rev-H. More details about this
hardware are available at