Lua Wiki digest - Feb 2001

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Lua Wiki digest - Feb 2001

John Belmonte-2
- What's new this month -

    * Lua Power Patches (new section) - little patches to Lua source that
can be mixed and matched
    * technical notes - using Lua in real-time programs
    * notes on possible Lua improvements - nil used as false problem, table
tag methods, lexical scoping

Other news:
    * An anonymous account was created for those wanting to edit without
registering with
    * Jean-Claude Wippler started another Lua wiki this month (see links
page on Lua website).

Jean-Claude and I discussed the possibility of merging content but have
decided to leave things as they are for the time being.  For the most part
both wiki's are still "one-man shows", meaning the collaboration aspect has
yet to manifest with any momentum.  Jean-Claude's content tends to be
practical and includes ample source code, while my content is perhaps more

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