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Lua Users Foundation interest from Linux Fou

Andrew Starks-2
Hello All,

I received an last week that I'd like to share:

Hi Andrew!

My name is John Mertic and I help a number of open source communities across various tech spaces and industries build and sustain open source communities as my part of my role at the Linux Foundation. I've been in open source darn near 20 years, starting as a contributor and developer, to a community manager, and now to helping lead and support.

Anyways, after a brief email exchange with folks in the LuaJIT project ( based on some interest another project I work on, Open Mainframe Project, had in investing in an s390x port ) and some of the overall challenges in the Lua world, I came across this thread where you were advocating for a Lua Users Foundation:

I know the thread is two years old, and perhaps the time and interest has come and gone, but I'd be happy to explore if this is still of interest and if you see corporate entities who would be interested in investing in such a foundation. Happy to discuss further if you'd like.

Thank you,

John Mertic
Director of Program Management - Linux Foundation
ASWF, ODPi, and Open Mainframe Project


I was interested in this topic at the time, however personal matters stepped in and I wasn't able to put any energy into this. Today, the timing is much better. As it happens, I've introduced Lua into a project at my work and we're stubbing our toes on every one of the issues that were brought up in that thread.

I don't want to assume the lead on this, if there is someone that may be a better fit and is willing to do so. In real life, I have been in various product management and marketing roles and would likely focus only on that part of this effort.

Assuming that no one else decides to step forward, then my plan is to call him next week. Otherwise, let me know and we can coordinate to add you to the call.

I'm looking forward to seeing what guidance the Linux Foundation can offer. I'll report back here and most likely ask for help from anyone interested and from some of you, in particular. :)

All the best!

-- Andrew Starks