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Lua Logo Icon for Windows exe

Russell Haley

I was playing with CorelDraw and reproduced the Lua icon as an svg without the dotted ring. I would like to use it with the lua binaries I distribute within WinLua? I have created the icon with 16x16 up to 256x256. In my task bar, the lua icon is noticeably larger and the words more legible. When viewed in File Explorer with the "Large Icon" view, the icon is large and clear.

The files are here: It contains a large png, the icon file, the coreldraw file, and an untested svg and an untested pdf. I assume anyone that needs it in Adobe Illustrator can reproduce it themselves in about 30 seconds.

Am I allowed to use the Lua logo without the ring?  I do plan on adding the ring to the source material but I like how it looks.