Lua 5.3.5 with shadowed variable warnings

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Lua 5.3.5 with shadowed variable warnings

Domingo Alvarez Duarte

Hello !

I just published a standard Lua 5.3.5 with a small parser modification that show warnings for shadowed variables, I did this first for my changes in and when converting projects to it using "lua2ljs" (included in ljs) I sometimes get several warnings about shadowed variables, some of then are not clear if the author really wanted then.

So I'm publishing it for anyone try on their projects and see if they have shadowed variables, I know that there is other tools that also do it but for me having it straight in Lua itself is easier.

I announced "ljs" before and it seems that it motivated the inclusion of soething like it in Lua 5.4, we've got an api for warning but it doesn't seem to be used right now.

Cheers !