Lua 4.0 for DJGPP now available

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Lua 4.0 for DJGPP now available

Nimrod A. Abing

I am pleased to announce that Lua 4.0 is now available for DJGPP

What is DJGPP?

DJGPP is a 32-bit C/C++/Ada95 development environment for the 
MS-DOS environment, based on the GNU tools.

For more information on DJGPP, please visit the DJGPP WWW page:


  Lua for DJGPP has been split into three packages: source,
  documentation and pre-compiled binaries. For the meantime you can
  get them at the following URLS:




  The binary packages contains the Lua API and basic libraries (liblua
  and lualib) as well as the byte-code compiler and interpreter (luac
  and lua).

  If you're new to Lua, you should also get the documentation package
  as it contains the Lua reference manual and some example programs
  written in Lua.