Loading luabind Dynamic Library Into Lua

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Loading luabind Dynamic Library Into Lua

carlsonp @iastate.edu

I have luabind and a library that binds a C++ library using luabind both built as dynamic libraries (.so files) under Linux.  Both are installed to non-standard locations under my local account.  Because of this, I don't think Lua will automatically pick it up because it's not in /usr/lib/, etc.

My question is, how do I load luabind into Lua?  How do I know that luabind is loaded and running?  And lastly, once this is done, how can I load my library that is bound into lua?

Here's what I've tried so far:

-Change directory to "lib" folder containing luabind.
-"ls" confirms the file is there: libluabind.so
-Start lua in this directory
-package.loadlib("libluabind.so", "luabind")
-Nothing happens, is it loaded?

I'm not quite sure what to try from here...

Thanks in advance.


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