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List, and site, unavailability

Daniel Silverstone
Hi all,

Several of you may have noticed that and the mailing
list have been unavailable at times over the last few months.

This is because Pepperfish's main VM host has been having difficulties and
we've been trying to set up a new system to migrate to.  We have finally
finished (we think) and we're ready to migrate the main system which
hosts (among other things) the Lua infrastructure.

We expect that the services will be unavailable for periods of time across
today (1st July) and tomorrow (2nd July) while we migrate.  I can't give
exact timings, but no mailing list postings should be lost, so please,
if your mail isn't showing up on-list, just wait a day or so.

Thank you for your patience through this trying time.


Daniel Silverstone               
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