LWN.net article: "Lua in the kerenl?"

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LWN.net article: "Lua in the kerenl?"


Noticed that an article about some people looking to have Lua
scripts in the Linux kernel has appeared on LWN.net.

[When writing about Linux, I also wish to acknowledge the
massive contribution by the GNU project, e.g. GNU/Linux.]

I'm not a subscriber (I simply don't have the money, despite
LWN being very good value), so I'll just give the URL and


        [$] Lua in the kernel?
        [Kernel] Posted Sep 9, 2020 16:17 UTC (Wed) by jake

        BPF is, of course, the language used for network (and other)
        customization in the Linux kernel, but some people have been
        using the Lua language for the networking side of that
        equation.  Two developers from Ring-0 Networks, Lourival
        Vieira Neto and Victor Nogueira, came to the virtual Netdev
        0x14 to present that work. It consists of a framework to
        allow the injection of Lua scripts into the running kernel
        as well as two projects aimed at routers, one of which is
        deployed on 20 million devices.

        Full Story (comments: 12)


sur-behoffski (Brenton Hoff)
programmer, Grouse Software
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Re: LWN.net article: "Lua in the kerenl?"

Victor Nogueira

I believe the link is available for everyone now.

It’s also in hacker news: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24513261