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[IUP-users, lua-l] IM, CD and IUP build warnings, updated


[CC:ing this to the lua-l list; I hope that this message is not too
off-topic.  I won't cross-post again, unless I get strong vibes that the
lua-l community appreciates knowing about this stuff.]

This message is regarding PUC's Tecgraf IM/CD/IUP graphics packages and
GNU/Linux compatibility.

I was hoping to have released some "assistant" software that eased building
IM, CD and IUP on GNU/Linux Mint around March; however, a hardware failure
has set me back, and I've had to re-engineer some things that were lost;
hopefully, I'll have something to report in a while; things are gradually
getting back to functioning again (sometimes, with some refactoring that
made things simpler and more consistent):

I have been able to update to the current (as of this afternoon) revisions
of the Tecgraf packages: IM-r743, CD-r834 and IUP-r5188.

I've been able to compile and link them on my Linux Mint (Debian->Ubuntu
based) 18.3 system, using both GCC-6.5 and GCC-7.4 compilers.

Attached is a the usual "parse-build.lua" summary of the warning messages:

For gcc 6.5:


For gcc 7.4:


As always, my hope is that the community can work towards zero-warning
compilation, as a change from zero warnings to one is much more
noticeable than a change from 40 warnings to 41, and the warning just
might highlight something that could be a weakness in the code.

Incidentally, the Mars Rover team wrote 3.8 million lines of C code,
and could not afford to have paragraph-by-paragraph code inspections.
They used warnings from a number of different tools, including gcc,
(first with "-Wall", then later with "-Wall -Werror", and THEN later
with "-Wpedantic -Wall -Werror"), with interfaces showing how different
developers' modules were scoring/faring with different code quality

For a marvellous presentation on this, see the USENIX 12 presentation
"Mars Code" by Gerard Holzmann of the JPL Laboratory for Reliable Software:


The video of the presentation (available for download) is highly
entertaining and enlightening.


sur-behoffski (Brenton Hoff)
programmer, Grouse Software

im-mint-summary-gcc7.4-r743.out (27K) Download Attachment
cd-mint-summary-gcc6.5-r834.out (55K) Download Attachment
cd-mint-summary-gcc7.4-r834.out (68K) Download Attachment
im-mint-summary-gcc6.5-r743.out (28K) Download Attachment
iup-mint-summary-gcc6.5-r5188.out (313K) Download Attachment
iup-mint-summary-gcc7.4-r5188.out (315K) Download Attachment