How to access pointers in Lua?

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How to access pointers in Lua?


I have a C++ class in which there is a pointer to another class.
I'd like to access this second class in Lua, but I don't know how to do. When I try, Lua does not crash but does not work as expected, and I can't get my class back in C++...

Here is some code to explain:

class Base_p
        Base_p() { std::cout << "Base_p()" << std::endl; m_toto = 123; }
        int getToto() { return m_toto; }
        void setToto( int val ) { m_toto = val; }
        int m_toto;

class Base
        Base() { std::cout << "Base()" << std::endl; p_ptr = new Base_p; }
        virtual ~Base() { std::cout << "~Base()" << std::endl; delete p_ptr; p_ptr = 0; }
        virtual void description() { std::cout << "Base::description()" << std::endl; }

        Base_p* p_ptr;


// Export our class with LuaBind
        luabind::module( pState ) [

                luabind::class_< Base_p >( "Base_p" )
                        .def( luabind::constructor<>() )
                        .def( "getToto", &Base_p::getToto )
                        .def( "setToto", &Base_p::setToto ),

                luabind::class_< Base >( "Base" )
                        .def( luabind::constructor<>() )
                        .def( "description", &Base::description )
                        .def_readwrite( "p_ptr", &Base::p_ptr )


I process the below Lua script with luaL_dostring()
And I get my Base instance back in C++:
luabind::object global_vars = luabind::globals( pState );
Base* base = luabind::object_cast<Base*>( global_vars["b"] ); // return a null pointer...

b = Base()
foo = b:p_ptr
print( "Lua: toto=", foo:getToto() )
print( "Lua: setToto(321)", foo:setToto(321) )

Do you have an idea? Thanks in advance.

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