Help! How to expose a property correctly!

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Help! How to expose a property correctly!

Hi all:
I a new user of luabind. I have build the dll using bjam.exe in Windows XP. When I try to run the test of attributes(make a new VC project include main.cpp,test.hpp,test_attributes.cpp under \luabind-0.8.1\test\), there will be some error like:

d:\program files\luabind\luabind-0.8.1\test\test_attributes.cpp:124"ERROR: "[string "assert(test.o == 6)"]:1: assertion failed!""
d:\program files\luabind\luabind-0.8.1\test\test_attributes.cpp:152"ERROR: "[string "test.c.a = 1..."]:1: attempt to index field 'c' (a function value)""
d:\program files\luabind\luabind-0.8.1\test\test_attributes.cpp:162"ERROR: "[string "t1 = property()..."]:4: attempt to index global 'c' (a function value)""
function: 004BD698
d:\program files\luabind\luabind-0.8.1\test\test_attributes.cpp:171"ERROR: "[string "assert(a.x == 5)..."]:1: assertion failed!""
d:\program files\luabind\luabind-0.8.1\test\test_attributes.cpp:176"ERROR: "[string "assert(d.d == 3)"]:1: assertion failed!""
My question is:
If there a class like:
     class D
            D(int i)
                 d_ = i;
            int get() const{return d_;}
            void set(int i) {d_ = i};
            int d_;
And a module defined as:
        .property("d", &D::get,&D::set)
The statement in Lua like:
    d = D(5)
will be function: 003C5D68
Is that right?
If not, how should I do to make the result of "print(d.d)" is 5? 



Thanks in advance

Aason Liu

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