Derived classes and registration with shared_ptr holder

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Derived classes and registration with shared_ptr holder

Alexander Gladysh
Hi, all!

Say, I have this:

  typedef boost::shared_ptr<Base> BasePtr;
  class Base : boost::noncopyable
    static BasePtr Create() { return BasePtr(new Base); }
    virtual void foo() { print("Base::Foo()\n"); }
    virtual ~Base() { }

    Base() { } // Allow creation only by class factory or child class.

  void PolymorphUse(const BasePtr & ptr);

  typedef boost::shared_ptr<Derived> DerivedPtr;
  class Derived : public Base
    static DerivedPtr Create() { return DerivedPtr(new Base); }
    virtual void foo() { print("Derived::Foo()\n"); }
    void bar() { print("Derived::Bar()\n"); }

    Derived() { } // Allow creation only by

I want classes Base and Derived to be exposed to Lua. Following doesn't work:

  luabind::class<Base, BasePtr>("Base_t")
    .def("foo", &Base::foo)
  , luabind::def("Base", &Base::Create)
  , luabind::def("PolymorphUse", &PolymorphUse)
  , luabind::class<Derived, Base, BasePtr>("Derived_t")
    .def("foo", &Derived::foo)
    .def("bar", &Derived::bar)
  , luabind::def("Derived", &Derived::Create)

The DerivedPtr type doesn't gets registered in Lua, and
Derived::Create registration fails in runtime.

If I change return type of Derived::Create to BasePtr, then I
(obviously) do not get access to Derived::bar in Lua.

If I (as opposed to Luabind manual) register Derived with DerivedPtr holder,

  , luabind::class<Derived, Base, DerivedPtr>("Derived_t")

then I can't use functions, which accept base class pointers with
derived class poiners (like PolymorphUse). Luabind says that it can't
convert one pointer to another.

Am I misunderstanding something in the way shared pointer holders work
in Luabind?

Thanks in advance,

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