Call for students! LuaRocks in Google Summer of Code 2017

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Call for students! LuaRocks in Google Summer of Code 2017

Hi list!

LuaRocks was selected by Google to be one of the participating
organizations in Google Summer of Code 2017!

Google Summer of Code ( ) is an
international annual program, in which Google awards stipends to
students who successfully complete a free and open-source software
coding project during the summer. The program is open to university
students aged 18 or over. The coding period goes from May 30 to August
29 (that is, the summer break in the Northern Hemisphere).

LuaRocks ( ), the package manager for Lua, has
been part of GSoC in the past as part of the LabLua organization (a
research lab at PUC-Rio, the home of Lua). But this was the first time
we applied as an independent organization, and we are very happy and
thankful to be accepted.

Our global team of mentors (with people hailing from four continents!)
has produced a nice list of project ideas, but students are free and
encouraged to contact us with ideas of their own as well!

Project ideas:

== Applying to the program ==

If you are an eligible student and wish to apply, you should join the
luarocks-developers mailing list and say hi at our Gitter group.

LuaRocks mailing list:
LuaRocks Gitter chat:

Once you find a project you are interested in, you should contact the
mentor for that project by email, and this questionnaire. If your
application looks appropriate, the mentor may ask you to perform some
small task related to the project to assess your abilities, and
discuss with you how to best present your proposal. Proposals are
accepted from March 20 to April 3, 2017, but get in touch with your
prospective mentor now!

Join us and come hack LuaRocks this next summer! (...or winter if
you're in the Southern Hemisphere! :) )

And if you're not a student, please help share this information
through any channels you find relevant! Here's a handy link:


-- Hisham