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An IDE for Lua

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
[I'm posting this on behalf of Pablo Saldo <[hidden email] because
 listproc choked on it --lhf]

>From: Pablo Saldo <[hidden email]>

Hi everybody,
I'm about to start my graduate project (I'm a computing engineering here in
Rio Grande, Brazil), and was thinking about developing an IDE for Lua. My
ideas are:
- a simple chunk editor, maybe with syntax highlight;
- a comand line, from where you'll be able to call de chunks, test some
commands and put them into the chunk;
- an objects repository, where you can manipulate the enviroment's objects;
- an object constructors repository; collection of functions explicitly
appointed as object constructors;

I'm looking for ideas on community's needs. of course it'd be using Lua. in
the principle, all the code would be construcuted in Lua, then some part of
it could be translated to C, for better performance. I'd like to now about
similar projects, references of essential aspects in concepting these
enviroment and, of course, Lua's designers perspectives for the new
versions of the language.

I'm waiting your colaboration,