About make_function definition in make_function.hpp

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About make_function definition in make_function.hpp

Baojiang Shou

Hi guys, I have an question in reading luabind code. At the bottom of file make_function.hpp is the definitions of two function:

template <class F, class Signature, class Policies>
object make_function(lua_State* L, F f, Signature, Policies)
typedef typename detail::as_vector<Signature>::type signature;

return detail::make_function_aux(
  , new detail::function_object_impl&lt;F, signature, Policies&gt;(
        f, Policies()


template <class F>
object make_function(lua_State* L, F f)
return make_function(L, detail::deduce_signature(f), detail::null_type());

In the statement make_function(L, detail::deduce_signature(f), detail::null_type()) which only provide three args, but the above make_function need four args. Why?


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