[ANNOUNCE] POSLIB 1.0 -- a POSIX library for Lua

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[ANNOUNCE] POSLIB 1.0 -- a POSIX library for Lua

Claudio Terra
poslib --	A POSIX Library for Lua
Poslib is a POSIX library for the programming language Lua. It provides 
a Lua interface to the functions in the POSIX standard, allowing Lua 
programs to access many operating system functions and environment 
information. Poslib provides a subset of POSIX defined in 
IEEE Std. 1003.1-1990.

Poslib functions
- File System:
  dir, getcwd, chdir, pathconf, stat, mkdir, link, lock, unlink, rmdir, 
  chmod, umask, chown, chgrp, access, utime. 

- Authentication and Process Information:
  getprocessid, getgroup, getpasswd, setuid, setgid, sleep. 

- System Configuration:
  uname, sysconf, getenv*. 

- Time and Clock:
  times, clock, date*, currdate.

(functions with a "*" next to their names are enhanced versions of 
already present in the standard Lua libraries)

Not the whole standard is implemented, since many functions make little
sense in an embedded language like Lua, and others are somehow already
implemented in Lua or one of its basic libraries. 
In some cases, closely related POSIX functions have been assembled in a 
single poslib function. Conventions have been created to represent time 
and dates (the date table) and file permissions (the mode string). C 
are provided to help creating and manipulating Lua objects acording to
these conventions.

More Information and Manual
Information about poslib and a online manual can be found at

Version 1.0 of poslib is available for anonymous FTP at:

Please sent comments, problem reports and suggestions to
[hidden email]

Claudio Terra
[hidden email]
PUC-Rio, Brazil