[ANNOUNCE]: LuaSocket 2.0.1 released

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[ANNOUNCE]: LuaSocket 2.0.1 released

Diego Nehab-3
Hi all,

LuaSocket version 2.0.1 is now  available for download! It
is compatible with  Lua 5.0 and Lua 5.1, and has been tested
on Windows XP, Linux, and Mac OS X. Chances are it works
well on most UNIX systems.

Binaries should be shortly available from LuaForge.

What's New

This is just a bug-fix/update release.

     * Updated: now using compat-5.1r5;

     * Improved: http.request is more robust to malformed
       URLs (Adrian Sietsma);

     * Improved: the simple http.request interface sends a
       "Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" header
       (William Trenker);

     * Improved: http.request is robust to evil servers that
       send inappropriate 100-continue messages (David Burgess);

     * Fixed: http.request was using the old host header during
       redirects (Florian Berger);

     * Fixed: sample unix.c had fallen through the cracks
       during development (Matthew Percival);

     * Fixed: error code was not being propagated correctly
       in ftp.lua (David Burgess).

Have fun,