ANN: woger now has github & luarocks support

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ANN: woger now has github & luarocks support

Reuben Thomas-5
My automated release tool, woger (which is not a Lua program: it's
written in Perl) now has updated Lua support. As well as sending a
release email to lua-l, it can send a LuaRock to the LuaRocks
developers list. Another new feature that may be of interest to
developers who like me have moved from LuaForge to github is woger's
new support for uploading release archives to github.

Get it from:

woger makes some assumptions currently that you may not like: for
example, that the project's home page is on github. It's also quite
lightly documented (mostly because no-one else has ever said they were
using it). I find it invaluable, so I welcome patches to improve its
flexibility and also extra documentation.