[ANN] org.conman.parsers.jsons 1.0.4 released

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[ANN] org.conman.parsers.jsons 1.0.4 released

Sean Conner

  I'm proud [1] to announce the release of org.conman.parsers.jsons---a
module to parse JSON data.  This one is different from my other JSON parser,
org.conman.parsers.json in that it handles larger JSON files that my
previous parser could not handle (due to a limitation in LPeg).  You can use
this as a drop-in replacement for org.conman.parsers.json with no issue.

        json = require "org.conman.parsers.jsons"
        data = json:match(string_containing_json)

  You can also feed data into this parser via a function:

        json = require "org.conman.parsers.jsons"
        file = io.open("large-json-file.json","r")
        data = json:match(function() return file:read(1024) end)

(which is something you can't do with org.conman.parsers.json)

  It is available for download via LuaRocks.


[1] I am less proud that it took me five tries to get the LuaRocks file
        working, otherwise, this would be version 1.0.0.  Sigh.