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[ANN] optparse 1.2

Gary V. Vaughan
Automatically generate a custom command-line option parser from just the
long-form help text for your program.

I am happy to announce release 1.2 of optparse.

Optparse's home page is at https://github.com/gvvaughan/optparse, with
documentation at https://gvvaughan.github.io/optparse.

This was the option parser I originally wrote for Specl, and later
donated to lua-stdlib.  I’m still slowly slimming down lua-stdlib in
preparation for the next release though, and you can continue to
optparse without requiring the installation of all of stdlib.

This release fixes some long standing bugs.

Install it with LuaRocks, using:

     luarocks install optparse 1.2

## Noteworthy changes in release 1.2 (2017-06-03) [stable]

### Bug fixes

   - don't crash when first unrecognized argument is also a handler
     name (boolean, file, finished, flag, etc...)

   - don't hang when help text option table formats long option name
     on its own line before indented description.