[ANN] luaposix release 5.1.12 released

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[ANN] luaposix release 5.1.12 released

Reuben Thomas-5
I am happy to announce the release of luaposix release 5.1.12,
Lua bindings for POSIX (including curses).

This release adds some basic functions such as open, close, read and write,
and integrates the pure Lua module which was previously in Lua stdlib. It
also adds a whole new module, curses, which was previously in the separate
lcurses project (curses is part of the POSIX standard).

Note that the C part of the POSIX module is now called posix_c.so (or
similar), so if you have an old posix.so (or similar) you should delete it
to avoid clashing with the new posix.lua.

Get it from http://luaforge.net/projects/luaposix