[ANN] luaposix 5.1.25 released

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[ANN] luaposix 5.1.25 released

Reuben Thomas-5
I am happy to announce the release of luaposix 5.1.25,
Lua bindings for POSIX (including curses).

This release adds support for message queues and UNIX 98 pseudoterminals
(thanks very much to the respective contributors), and allows argv[0] to be
set in exec calls.

Install it as luarock luaposix-5.1.25 (see
http://luarocks.org/repositories/rocks )

Most simply:

  luarocks install luaposix

(You may need to wait a while after this announcement lands before the
rocks are available.)

luaposix's home page is at http://github.com/luaposix/luaposix/