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[ANN] luabind 0.8.1

Daniel Wallin
I'm happy to announce the release of luabind 0.8.1. This is a bug fix
release, exception being some changes to the build system.

Source packages available for download at:


Bugs fixed since 0.8

 * class_info() was accidentally left out of 0.8 after refactoring.

 * There was no converter for "unsigned char".

 * Pointer conversions could fail when using multiple inheritance.

Changes since 0.8:

Daniel Wallin (9):
  Add test for builtin scalar converters.
  Add missing converter for unsigned char.
  Add test for "class_info()".
  Reimplement class_info() for the new property system.
  Add proper SONAME version and install/stage targets.
  Add version.hpp with LUABIND_VERSION define.
  Bump version for 0.8.1.
  Document new build and install procedure.
  Add missing LUABIND_API.

Ian Baxter (1):
  Fix bug in implicit_cast() when using multiple inheritance.

Daniel Wallin
BoostPro Computing

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